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Whether you’re attempting your very first home project or an experienced DIY lover, you’ll find an abundance of information on all types of decorating and DIY here. From the roof to the basement, we’ve got everything covered, so come on in and start taking advantage of our home maintenance tips today!

Our Top Home Maintenance Categories

Read on to find out all about our top home maintenance categories and how they can help you get to grips with home maintenance and DIY.


If you’ve got a niggling noise in your pipes, a leaky tap or poor water pressure, there are lots of tricks you can try to solve the problem before you call out the plumber. At Home Maintenance Tips you’ll find simple step by step instructions on tackling common plumbing problems and plenty of info on bugger jobs for those with more experience.


At Home Maintenance Tips we’d recommend that you should always enlist a qualified electrician to work on the electrics in your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in the know about how your wiring works. In addition you can use our site to find out which electrical jobs you can do and how to carry them out safely.


It takes time, effort and patience to carry out a professional decorating job, but when you end up with results you love, it’s well worth it. You can peruse our decorating tips to learn how to prepare, paint and plaster like a professional. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, you’ll find it here too. Find out about all the latest interior design trends and the tricks of the trade professional designers use.


With the right approach your garden can become another useful living space within your home. If you’d like a better garden but simply don’t know where to start then you’ll love our gardening tips offering advice and inspiration on everything from propagating plants to laying a patio.

Hidden Horrors

A piece of peeling wallpaper or broken window is easy to spot, but what about all the things you can’t see? We’ll tell you how to find and fix maintenance issues before they turn into a horror story, including keeping your roof and windows in good order.

Money Saving

There’s no denying that buying and maintaining a home can be costly, which is why it pays to save money wherever you can. We’ll show you how to enjoy significant energy savings by making your home more eco-friendly and lots of clever ways that you can save money on decorating and maintenance tasks.

So whether you’re building an entirely new property or simply want to give your existing home a bit of a spruce up, you can rely on Home Maintenance Tips to help you through all types of DIY job and give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to tackle even the most complex of do it yourself tasks.