Glass Splashbacks For A Beautiful Bathroom

Remodeling an area can be a complete disaster in any room, and with so many different ideas and tastes in design, it is hard to find something to make everyone happy. It is important when buying or selling a home that you find something simple yet stylish to appeal to many different people. Simple splashes of colour and spacious open designs are the hottest tickets to finding and selling someone’s dream home.

There are certain rooms that tend to “sell” someone on a house; the kitchen, the master and of course the bathrooms. Because of this, we have been equipping people with an easy and modern way to spice up their space. There are many things to consider when making a bathroom bright and new; design, durability, hygienic concerns and of course, cost. These aspects of remodeling will help convince anyone why a glass splash back is perfect for their home.


One thing that home owners and home buyers look for is the overall design of the home. Because of this, many real estate agents and renovators are suggesting more modern concepts to aesthetically please potential buyers and current owners.

The great thing about glass splashbacks for your bathroom is the ability to add a pop of any colour to an outdated counter space. This type of design will turn heads in a good way and have visitors green with envy over your bathroom. Creativity is something that a glass back splash can really bring to a bathroom space.

Many people thing of a back splash as somewhere for the sink, however, a back splash can be a wonderful idea for the bath tub and shower area. These glass ones can provide a breath of fresh air to a less than exciting place.


As much as a bathroom is used, it is important to ensure that your design is strong and long lasting. At first, you may not think of glass at the top of the list in terms of durability, however tempered glass can withstand the normal wear and tear of family use, as well as those occasional and more intense mishaps like knocks, scratches and heat.

One of the best things about using glass as a design tool is that even if it is just minimally maintained it can last a lifetime and still look brand new. This type of glass has been used on different cell phones to avoid cracking and shattering of the phone’s screen. People have even been known to take keys and try and scratch the glass and use a hammer to try and break it. While these are not recommended actions for your glass, it does show the durability of the product.

Hygienic Concerns

The biggest concern for any bathroom is cleanliness, and using materials that will keep it clean are a must. This glass is perfect for the constant use of a bathroom as glass is mold resistant and when maintained will not accumulate dirt and mildew. This is a huge plus in a bathroom space where mold and mildew are common.

Being creative with the placement of the glass can help ensure that showers and tubs are well maintained as you can backsplash not just the sink but there as well. The glass also helps detect any buildups as it reflects the light in the room making it brighter and easier to see.

There is no need for harsh chemicals to clean the splashbacks as cleaning the glass is also simple. A spray of glass cleaner and a paper towel are all you need to make it continue to look like new, as mildew is unable to buildup on the actual glass itself.


When remodeling a home, cost is usually the most important aspect of the project. This is usually the reason that many homeowners forego making changes to their homes and miss out on countless different desired designs and money they can be making when selling a home.

However, glass splashbacks can actually help you save more money over a period of time. In the beginning, the cost can seem more of a high end expenditure compared to tile and other cheap backsplash materials, but in retrospect, many people find that the initial cost is well worth the money as upkeep is minimal compared to these other cheaper materials that are more commonly used. Replacing materials like tile may not seem like something that is too costly, but do it more than a few times and it will all start to add up.

When you are thinking of remodeling a bathroom, it is beneficial for anyone to see the many different options that are available, however, we think that our glass splashbacks will have people knocking at your door just to get a look at the wonderful space in your home.