Home Office

Working from home may seem like a beautiful dream when you’re fed up of long commutes, office politics and no time with the kids, but without proper organisation home working can have its pitfalls too!

If you’re in need of a home office then take la look at these tips. You’ll discover how to create a great home office that works for you, whatever the size of the budget or the space you have.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you’ve got an entire floor or a small space under the stairs, you can make your home office work! The first thing to do is completely empty the space you have and give it a thorough clean. If you’re planning on repainting or changing the floor then this is the time to do it. The chances are you’ll be using a PC or laptop all the time, so you’ll need to base where you place your desk and chair around the most suitable plug socket. Once you know where your essential furniture is going you can decide where you’ll put extras you need like filing cabinets or electronic equipment.

Small Spaces

If you’ve got lots of room then you’ll have much more flexibility as to what you can do with your space, but smaller areas require a little more ingenuity to furnish effectively. Why not have your office on your wall, instead of using free standing furniture? You can buy office shelving to perfectly pigeonhole everything you need from pot plants to paperclips, leaving you with maximum floor space.

Purchase printers, photocopiers and other electronics that work remotely, so you can place your essential kit somewhere else in your home but still operate it from your desk. It’ll mean getting up every now and again to collect paperwork – an ideal opportunity to take a breather!

Colour Code

When choosing the décor for your home office, think about including some colour. A pop of bright colour can stimulate the brain and make you feel more alert and ready to work. On the other hand it’s best to avoid busy wallpaper prints which can become overbearing when you’re looking at them all day.

Why not paint an accent wall in your favourite hue – if you can’t decide on the hue for you, blue is thought to promote communication and efficiency, yellow increases confidence and self-esteem and orange provides a feeling of warmth and security. If you don’t want to paint a whole wall add a pop of colour with bright and bold office accessories instead.

Clear Clutter

Once you’ve decided on the configuration and décor for your office, the only way to continue to make it work is by regularly cleaning and organising the space. It’s a good idea to clear the clutter at the end of every day and get your paperwork in order so you’re ready for tomorrow. File things in their proper place and keep your computer admin tidy too if you want working from home to work for you.