Top Tips for Coping with Clutter

When you live in a home for a few years, especially as a couple or family, it’s incredibly easy for clutter to gradually build up. If you’re sick to death of stuff and want to nip your clutter problem in the bud once and for all then take a look at these top tips that will help you get organised – and stay that way!

1. Major Clear Out

There’s really no point in trying to tackle clutter unless you’re willing to get rid of all the things you no longer want or need. Although it can be difficult, especially if you assign a lot of sentimental value to objects, in the long run it pays to be ruthless.

If you’ve got lots of areas that need to be dealt with tackle them in bite sized chunks so the whole experience doesn’t become overwhelming. Sort all your stuff into piles of the things you want to keep, things to sell, things to give to charity and things that are only good for the tip.

A room you don’t use very often is the ideal place to neatly pack away all the things you plan to keep until you’ve devised a storage plan for your home. if you don’t have a spare room then consider hiring a storage unit or placing a dry locker in your garden so you’ve got room to incorporate more storage.

2. Storage Plan

When storage is lacking it can make a space much more difficult to live in, but most homeowners miss tons of opportunities to stick in some more places to put your possessions. Take a careful look around your home and consider how any unused spaces could be better utilised. For example, you can install built in cupboards in the space under stairs, add fitted wardrobes in bedrooms or even convert your loft space.

Once you’ve packed in all the extra cupboards and shelving units, you can start considering your furniture. Where space is an issue there are plenty of clever solutions such as Ottoman beds that are ideal for keeping all your towels and linens, lidded coffee tables that are the perfect place to pop your magazines out of site and clever kit for keeping the interiors of your cupboards organised like canvas shoe tidies that can be hung inside a wardrobe.

3. Keep it Regular

Anyone who has spent a few hours or a weekend de-cluttering, spring cleaning and getting organised will know that a tidy home really does lead to a tidy mind. Keeping your home in order can help you feel calmer, less stressed, more organised and more in control – but it’s so easy to let your new attitude slide and end up with your home covered in clutter again.

Set aside a specific date in your calendar, maybe three or four times a year and use it to have a regular clear out and keep your home maintained to the standards you like. You’ll find the more regularly you de-junk the quicker and easier a task it will become and you’ll soon find that keeping your home clean, clear and clutter free comes naturally to you.